To obtain the address of the smart contract, you need to agree with the conditions for the sale of the Investor's tokens:

I am not a US resident
I have read the Agreement
I have read the White Paper

The address from which you send ETH must be private, to which you have a private key (not an exchange address). In case of sending from the exchange address, the tokens will not be delivered.
Sending ETH to a contract implies full acceptance of the Agreement, reading of the White Paper and the fact that the sender is not a US resident.
How to safely create and use wallet, and other instructions - here.

Become the Co-founder of the Fund

Why is the status of the Foundation Co-founder more profitable than the status of a simple Investor?

Co-founder tokens (CTFO tokens) are sold only within the ICO stages, unsold tokens will be burned.

The number of Co-founder tokens will not increase with time, but can only decrease for natural reasons.
Why Venezuela?

Venezuela is selected on the basis of analysis of more than 30 parameters, including a successful location, a mild climate without sudden temperature changes, a relatively small population of European type and religion, an easy-to-learn language (Spanish), an economy based on the extraction and export of resources, other factors similar to the history of the development of the Russian Federation, allow us to extrapolate Russian successes of recent times to the Venezuelan near future.

In addition, in the history of Venezuela there was a period when the country occupied the 4th place in the world in terms of GDP per capita: it is a rich country that needs to understand itself and this will necessarily lead to stabilization of the situation in the foreseeable future of several years. And investments made in Venezuelan real estate today will bring income comparable to the growth in real estate prices in Russia for the period from 1998 to 2008: up to 1000% and higher.

More about the actual situation in Venezuela and the degree of its similarity with post-Soviet Russia of the 90s you can find out from the selection of articles (RUS): Why Venezuela today looks like Russia of the 90s, Venezuela is now Russia of the 90s. Real estate, Venezuelan real estate market, Why people not go to Venezuela for cheap villas.

Sources of data for preliminary analysis

Activity Reports

Orinoco Decentralized Fund will allow you to participate in collective investments in Venezuelan real estate.

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